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floyd mayweather biography

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Hes polarizing but a brilliant boxer, his skills are that of a master, his style is impossible to duplicate. Hes got some pernell Whitaker and some willie pep, a genius in the ring. JK: Will he really retire on September 12? Bernstein: I think its 50-50. JK: Why is it so hard for boxers to retire? Bernstein: Boxers have the ability to come back because people will pay to watch. People wont pay to watch old pitchers pitch, but if an iconic fighter can pass a physical then you can fight long past your prime.

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JK: If Manny Pacquiao fights and beats Danny Garcia would he warrant dear a rematch with mayweather? Bernstein: Depends on the public view of his injury. Will they buy it? Do they think hes still got it? If hes really impressive surgery (against Garcia) then I think he will garner enough attention and enthusiasm for a rematch. I can see that Pacquiao threw half his normal punches, so maybe its because of the shoulder. JK: favorite mayweather fight? Bernstein: Id say the first Castillo and maidana fights. His best performance was against diego corrales. JK: Will you miss him? Bernstein: I will miss the technical brilliance.

Triple g is 33 but is well preserved and has crossover appeal. Another is keith Thurman. We dont know how good he will paper be but he has the potential to be really good and is getting exposure. And a possible sleeper is Anthony joshua, if deontae wilder doesnt continue to rise. JK: Why fight Andre berto? Bernstein: I dont know. Its Floyds decision and I cant answer. . They keep saying its his last fight but hes mercurial and he can change his mind.

floyd mayweather biography

Who is Floyd mayweather, what s his net worth and has he really

I cant think of anyone who put him in the top five. Duran had a lot of losses, so why the losses matter with paper Ali but not Duran is a mystery. My guess is Floyd did it to keep people talking and it worked. JK: Who will be the next great fighter to assume the throne? Bernstein: In this era it depends on who gets the attention, not just the ability. It has to be someone who will keep winning and has the star appeal. If Canelo Alvarez beats Miguel Cotto he could be next in line. More andre berto: my life As The guy thats going to beat Floyd mayweather. Then we have gennady golovkin.

Bernstein: ray robinson is the best who ever lived. He was 131-1 as a welterweight. . End of sentence, end of discussion, end of story. And he did it against the toughest competition. To not put him in the top five is silly. The list was skewed to pander to recent fighters or younger audiences. Julio cesar Chavez being number three? .

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floyd mayweather biography

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But it depends on the division. . fuzzy thurston weighed 230 lbs at offensive line hero 50 years ago, whereas Calvin Johnson weighs 240 lbs at wide receiver today. But theres a fair comparison between weights because a middleweight is a middleweight. The level of competition matters, as well. Floyd has benefited in a sense, from the historical point in which hes fought talented fighters.

Hes benefited from when he fought them. He would be terrific in any era. But had he lived in the 1980s he would not be undefeated. You could even argue that if he came up in the de la hoya/Fernando Vargas/Felix Trinidad/ike quartey era he could have lost at least once, as well. Floyd would be great in any area, between 135 and 147, but objectively speaking, its impossible to imagine him beating Sugar ray robinson, ray leonard or Thomas hearns. And I think he has a life-and-death struggle with Trinidad, Pryor, and Duran. JK: What do you make of Mayweathers top-five all-time, as told to espn deportes?

Perhaps no one is better suited to see the sport in all its dimensions than Al Bernstein, Showtimes boxing Yoda. Few men with a mike have had a longer or more relevant ringside seat. Fewer men have done it with his alacrity and adamance. So who better to dissect Floyd mayweathers relevance, current and historical? Al Bernstein: To be undefeated is difficult, in general, but theres more of an emphasis to be undefeated than there is to be 49-0. .

There wasnt an emphasis before because no fighters were undefeated, and thats because they fought so often and against such stiff competition. So being undefeated is a badge of honor, but not necessarily 49-0. More check out cbs local Sports mayweather-Berto live blog For live coverage Of The fight On Sept. I ruled the first maidana fight a draw but hes never been seriously challenged other than his fight with Oscar de la hoya. Theres been debate about his competition, but there are many champions on his list. Today they are cynical about who he fought, but in fifteen years the list will grow in stature. Jason keidel: Is it fair to compare eras? Bernstein: I think its fair to compare eras.

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Mayweather said hbo should fire merchant; Merchant said if he was 50 years younger he would kick his ass. The video of the exchange became an instant classic. Your browser is out of date and not supported for security reasons. To complete an order, please upgrade to a supported browser. For the best experience, download our mobile app! You'll receive a text message at the provided number with a link to easily download our app. Please enter a valid. Phone number including area code. Since the passing of boxings Bon vivant, burt Sugar, we have leaned on story a conga line of luminaries to frame the state of boxing, its future and, with Floyd mayweather Jr marching toward Rocky marciano, its bejeweled history.

floyd mayweather biography

i am in America. The country i represent the red, white and blue. I'm making it rain. It's the recession but i am still making it rain. In the buildup to the fight, he was filmed burning 100 bills. He stood to make from 20 to 40 million (it depends on how many people bought the fight on pay per view) for his short work lutron on Saturday. After Ortiz couldn't get up by the count of ten, mayweather was declared the winner. The hbo boxing analyst Larry merchant, a white-haired eightysomething, then went to interview mayweather (42-0) in the ring. Merchant, who can be acerbic, started to ask the boxer a question, but mayweather wanted none of the senior citizen.

right, which put Ortiz down. "Defend yourself at all times." It's a maxim in boxing. Ortiz had paid dearly for not adhering. By the letter of the law, the knockout blows were not illegal, but the crowd of 14,687 jeered mayweather. The crowd thought the punch was underhanded. It was a (legal) sucker punch that turned into a metaphor for one of the greatest boxers of our era. Mayweather is a bigger-than-life, blustery character whose best friend is the rapper 50 Cent. He drives Bentleys, flies in private jets, and is incessantly bragging about money, large sports wagers, and his material possessions. He talked with some troops in Afghanistan recently, and tried to inspire them by touring them through his mansion, intimating that his fights were some form of patriotism and that his.95 fight on pay-per-view was helping the economy.

Ortiz said he wasn't a dirty fighter but his actions said otherwise. Joe cortez, the referee, penalized Ortiz by deducting a point. The mexican-American from Garden City, kansas, seemed mortified at his mental lapse and poor sportsmanship. As way of apology, he approached mayweather and hugged and kissed him. Mayweather's eyes didn't reveal a forgiving mood. (After the fight he said Ortiz had head-butted him twice—he showed a split lip and a cut underneath his lower lip—and a welt on the back of his head thesis from a series of rabbit punches.) Then came some confusing choreography. The referee separated them, but not in a very authoritative way and never put them in a neutral corner after deducting the point. Ortiz was still in an apologetic mood and looked like he wanted to touch gloves one last time. Mayweather had comeuppance on his mind.

Floyd mayweather height, weight, Age, affairs, biography more

News Archive 2013, happy birthday jack nicholson! Happy birthday to jack nicholson on his 76th birthday today! From all the fans out there we wish him a great day, and many years, english movies, and oscars to come! Continue reading showing items 1 - 6. Then the plot thickened. In the fourth round, Ortiz, who is known as "Vicious was able to trap mayweather into a corner. He was throwing some good volleys at mayweather's skull, but then-for some inexplicable reason—he cocked his head and leveled an aggressive head-butt that caught mayweather on the chin. The crowd was in shock.

Floyd mayweather biography
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