International business management personal statement

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international business management personal statement

Personal statement for msc international business

In my spare time, i sing with the bangor University Choir, and play the violin. I take part in Ballet, and i am very fond of literature. Taking part in the Three peaks Challenge taught me the importance of preservation, drive and commitment, something which i value towards my studies. I volunteer with the St Johns Ambulance offering assistance at important events such as the national Eisteddfod and have competed various First Aid courses. I also help out at a local farm which i enjoy very much. I am eager to identify what I have observed in the workplace with academic theories but most of all, i am looking forward to working hard towards a mentally stimulating degree course.

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I studied the history of civil libertarianism in France stretches back to the revolution in 1789, which has cultivated a business culture that favours consensus rather than individual leadership. My research of the backwardness of Russia before the revolution exposed me to karl Marx, who i find inspirational when we consider how to apply it throughout diverse europe and the ussr. I adore languages and feel privileged to live in a bi-lingual environment. I learnt Welsh when I was seven, and i am currently taking an online making Spanish course. Family visits to France during the summer holidays since i was seventeen, has also given me a chance to practice my French with native speakers. I am aware that English is the lingua franca of international business, it is still a love of mine that I shall find useful even after University when i enter the world of work. Many europeans, especially the French who are traditionally very protective of their mother tongue, and as a prospective international Business student, i am very keen to embrace international cultures and improve my linguistics. The course that i am applying for interests me because of the integrated year in a partner institution, which would allow me to explore the cultural context of management in another country, developing my knowledge that is needed in the increasingly international environment. I feel that it would also benefit my foreign language skills which would prove useful during my fourth year of study, exploring Business and Society in Contemporary europe. I keep my finger on the pulse through newspapers, and being a member of Amnesty International as I feel very strongly about Human Rights. I also participate with a debate team when my academic workload will allow.

The advantages of setting up the website have meant that my developing my understanding of international marketing has strengthened considerably. I started marketing the website by publicising the website into google search engine. I contacted a newspaper in Patagonia, who wrote a small feature of the gift shop and website, in order to market the website for people with an interest in their heritage. I have also contended with the practical matters such as dealing with royal mail in sending parcels aboard. I self metamorphosis studied Maths, and History at A level which has been a demanding yet enjoyable experience. I noticed that History is a great tool to use when predicting economic and social issues in identifying patterns. Studying Europe in depth for academic and personal reading has helped me become aware of its social and economic challenges.

international business management personal statement

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More career resources, cover letter examples (over 50 expertly cover letter examples). Cv templates (over 300 free professionally written samples). Growing up in North Wales, where most of our industry is in the tourism sector, it became apparent to me how people can influence other countries economically and this brought me to think about the importance of the study of International Business. My passion in business started at a young age as where both my parents run their own company, and deal with places such as Holland, belgium, and the usa. I feel fortunate that I was able to carry out a work experience shadowing and attended meetings aboard, which gave me a feel for International Relations. I find business an exciting and diverse, and can be found everywhere from a local corner shop, to a world wide plc. I am currently building a website, as an extension of a gift store and Art gallery based in the local area, selling Welsh goods online such as Literature and Art. With no overheads and a worldwide online presence, it has allowed the gift store to generate sales on a relatively low profit margin which aided them during the recession when many people in the local area sadly lost their jobs.

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International, management, mba, personal, statement

international business management personal statement

Mba, business, management, mba, personal, statement

I feel the three most important points I learnt so far from my work experience, is firstly the ability to understand what drives a business, and the processes needed to help resolve any barriers to continued growth and profitability. Secondly being able to look beyond the numbers to the business trends and drivers, and thirdly being able to work to deadlines and handle pressure. I am a social person who enjoys spending time with friends and family. I like to be a part of my local community, where i help out at events and activities also performing in the local pantomime! Music is a passion of mine, and I go to concerts whenever possible. I am now looking for an opportunity to further my personal development and career progression by enrolling house with a reputable university on a business management degree course. I want to learn more about the nature, power and limitations of various business techniques; how management can influence a business' performance; how business and other types of organisations can help society to function and address society's problems.

After viewing many different universities and campuses I have come to the conclusion that your university is the best option for. I aim to put as much into the course as I get out, and i very much hope that you will look favourably upon my application.". More personal statements, business studies personal statement, personal statement examples, management degree courses. Business management degree, business management courses, business studies degree courses. Events management degree, hospitality management degree, management degree courses.

I am a forward thinking individual who has drive, ambition and ability, all of which are traits that are vital for effective business management. I posses strong team-working skills, am able to work individually or as part of a group, and have excellent organisational skills that I have gained through my academic and work experience. I consider my key strengths to be; an ability to make analytical judgements, people management, making decisions, assessing business situations and identifying important points. I have excellent interpersonal skills which allow me to relay business information clearly to my target audience, and can prepare well thought out, crisp presentations for both individuals or groups. At present i am studying for my a levels at college, and what ive noticed about myself is that the more i have studied this subject, the more my interest in it has grown.

Ive discovered that its more than just management, its about ensuring that a customers' experience is nothing other than exceptional, while motivating a team of employees to effectively deliver the following responsibilities: exceptional customer service, building and maintaining a loyal customer base, coaching guiding customers. All of these are factors which I now have a firm understanding. As a technically minded person i am currently working part time as a it administrator for a networking company. The role involves me in the administration of the company's lan/wan network in 5 locations, performed desktop services, building the bank's new personal computers, and installation and distribution of new software. I am involved in the management of the Internet frame relay network, and have helped to develop the company's operating system migration plan for nearly all computers from Windows 98 to xp or from xp to windows. I am also responsible for performing testing on all workstations and servers, ensuring their compliance or and patching the bios. . The position requires me to work in close partnership with the management team, to ensure the provision of a full and comprehensive support to the frontline technology staff.

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Comments, general Comments: Comments on the statement: Retrieved from " ". Below is a professionally written business management personal statement, that you can use as a guide. You are advised shortage not to copy it word for word. "Business is the way resume of the world. Shopping, buying, selling, promoting, discounting, are all business activities and we as individuals are involved with in it some way, every day. Its a field that i am greatly interested in, and wish to learn more about. Although I have a broad range of interests, i have always been drawn to business management because to me its a very exciting environment with lots of demands and challenges. However the thing that excites me the most about business management is the way in can directly and indirectly affect the lives of so many people.

international business management personal statement

I am vice captain of my sixth-Form football team. Recently i have been taking part in new sports, such as mountain biking and the French discipline of Parkour (free-running). These have helped me learn new skills and make me want to share the learning experience with others. I am looking forward to continuing these at university. I genuinely believe i am a friendly, approachable, caring person as well as a motivated, hard-working good and enthusiastic student. I thrive on challenge and relish opportunity. I am ready to take on a demanding degree course and all that comes with university life.

a sense of commitment and responsibility, on which I thrive. I am often left alone to work independently in addition to training new members of staff. Eager to be self employed and owning my own business in the future, i am planning on initiating my own clothing business as a small project done whilst I complete a-levels and my degree. As a sixth-Former I like to get "involved" contributing to various activities, from hosting at the official opening of our new Post 16 Centre (by the former Education Secretary, estelle morris) to being a member of the sixth Form council. I have assisted in organizing charitable events eg 24 hour Stay awakes. In addition, the Enrichment Programme has made me more aware of issues outside of my a level curriculum. Sexual health, fair-Trade, human Rights and a conference on young people and Ethical Issues have all helped me learn more about other people and moral questions. I have also gained a better understanding of other cultures which is a perfect platform for the International Business course. I enjoy debate, making presentations and take pleasure in all sports as i enjoy the competition, teamwork and activity.

I am also attracted to the study of how ideas develop into businesses, and therefore look forward to developing my knowledge of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise. My studies have supported my interest in business. Art design has taught me to be inventive, patient and also disciplined when working towards deadlines. Ict has allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills in computing and has been generally beneficial. It has raised my awareness of the fast paced developing nature of technology in business. Having completed an as in Economics, i feel it complemented business well. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the microeconomic theories and how it related to individual businesses.

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Tsr wiki university applying to University personal Statement Library international Business 1, international Business Personal Statement, i believe the International Business course is tailor-made for me as the course allows me to combine my passion for business with my hobby of travelling. I have aspirations time of running my own business and i am looking forward to putting in the necessary work to achieve this. I feel that being on this course would be the perfect foundation. My father is a huge inspiration. He is a managing director of a multinational company and his work led me to opt to spend two weeks shadowing him acting as a personal assistant. This involved attending meetings throughout the uk linking up with clients and business personnel. I believe this gave me a better understanding of a working business environment and I could understand how theory learnt in study is applied to the real world. For my as business I really enjoyed completing the marketing coursework. The theory of Marketing thoroughly interests me and specifically the international aspect of Marketing, such as how firms cater for the needs of customers in different contexts and countries.

International business management personal statement
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Sample personal Statement for International Business Management. In this age of in formation, economic globalization is subjecting the entire world. Need help with your international business management personal statement?

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  4. International Business Personal Statement. I believe the International Business co urse is tailor-made for me as the course allows me to combine my passion for. International Business Personal Statement 2Growing up in North Wal.

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