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unbroken book short summary

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It came in such forms as secretly writing in a journal, communicating with each other in Morse code or using offensive nicknames for the guards. The men even began devising an escape plan out of Ofuna. For the third time, louie and a few of his friends were transferred. This time, it was to a pow camp called Omori. Here, louie would meet his nightmare. His name was Mutsuhiro watanabe, or as they deceptively nicknamed him, The bird.

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The japanese treat them kindly, but then transfer them to their first pow camp called Kwajalein, also known as Execution Island. At Kwajalein, the cruelty of the japanese guards begins. He and Phil are thrown into filthy cells, with virtually no food or water, and are beaten and mistreated. After forty-two days at Kwajalein, they were transferred to yokohama, which was of great relief to both men, believing that international law would protect them from severe mistreatment as a system pow. Both men were brought to Ofuna, which wasnt a pow camp, but a secret interrogation center for high profile prisoners. Because of louies famous Olympian profile, he was believed to be a high-valued prisoner. The violence and mistreatment at Ofuna was just as awful as Kwajalein. Starvation was still looming. Louie made friends with a brilliant marine named William Harris. Secretly, they exchanged information and rebelled against their captors in various ways.

He and Phil are able to remain focused on survival and keeping their wits sharp, while mac is eerily quiet and when he does vocalize, it is usually by screaming his despair. The first night on board their life pdf raft, mac eats all of the emergency chocolate rations. Louie focuses on catching birds, and fish for sustenance and fashions a way to collect rainwater. A few times when the men were dying of thirst, louie earnestly prayed for a miracle, to somehow be spared, and rain would fall the next day. Unfortunately, mac perished at sea. Before reaching land, louie and Phil had been on the life raft for forty-six days. While arriving at an island, louie and Phil are spotted and captured by the japanese Army. Due to starvation and dehydration, both men are in terrible shape.

unbroken book short summary

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Hillenbrand makes their success even more impressive by detailing how difficult the b-24 bombers were to fly and the staggering amount of casualties associated with these planes. After a harrowing battle of nauru, some men barely survived vertebrae an attack on their air base on Funafuti. Louie, his pilot and good friend Phil, along with a few new men had to take a different plane on a rescue mission (the. Green Hornet ) because their previous plane (. Superman ) was damaged during the battle of nauru. Unfortunately, this plane wasnt airworthy and crashed metamorphosis into the pacific Ocean. Louie, phil and Mac were the sole survivors. Louies incredible struggles begin here.

Pete supported louie in his training, first in basketball and baseball, until he finally settled on running. Louie had amazing skill and with Petes coaching, began winning race after race. His reputation changed from a troubled boy to the torrance tornado. By a stroke of luck, louie was able to make the Olympic trials by switching his distance and competing in an open competition. With fierce determination, he earned his right to compete in the berlin Summer Olympics of 1936. While coming in just shy of winning seventh place, he impressed the audience with his performance, even meeting Hitler in the stands. Although louie had a strong possibility for a medal in the next Summer Olympics, unfortunately, they were cancelled due to the economic hardship of the host country. Louie signed up for military service as a member of the air Corps in 1941. Louies air crew was full of talent and accuracy, having an incredibly successful first mission on wake atoll.

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unbroken book short summary

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He was disturbed by flashbacks to his days as a prisoner and had terrible dreams of being beaten by The bird. He began to drink excessively and his wife told him she wanted a divorce. Zamperini's life was turned around after a visit to a revival meeting staged by the young Billy Graham, an evangelist Christian preacher. He saved his marriage, quit drinking, and found his nightmares diminishing. He began giving talks and making appearances telling his story. He even found it possible to forgive the bird you for his brutality. Zamperini had thought that The bird had committed suicide after the war, but he had actually escaped and eluded capture for years while he was hunted down by japanese police for his war crimes.

Upon learning that The bird was still alive, zamperini tried to arrange a meeting with him. He traveled to japan, but The bird refused to see him. SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides for challenging works of literature. . This 37-page guide for Unbroken by laura hillenbrand includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 39 chapters, as well as several more in-depth sections of expert-written literary analysis. Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 13 important"s, discussion questions, and key themes like preservation of Human Dignity and faith, and the redemption that comes with. Plot Summary, unbroken is a narrative, non-fiction book that tells the life story of louie zamperini, an Italian American from Torrance, california. Beginning with his childhood, laura hillenbrand presents the hero as the town troublemaker: a boy whose cunning is used for petty theft and public nuisance, until his big brother, pete, takes it upon himself to steer louie in another direction.

One of the crash survivors died on the raft. Zamperini and the other survivor, the plane's pilot, were finally nearing land when they were captured by the japanese navy. The japanese did not inform America of the capture of Zamperini, and after some time he was declared officially dead. His family in California refused to give up hope that he might return alive, however. The men were treated gently at first, given time to recuperate in a hospital.

They were then suddenly transferred to a japanese prisoner camp where they expected they would be executed. Because of his relative fame as an Olympic runner, zamperini was selected for especially harsh treatment by the japanese guards, but he was not killed. He was sent to a series of prisoner camps, eventually arriving at a camp in tokyo where he received particularly brutal treatment by a guard the men called "The bird." Japanese propagandists attempted to force zamperini into making pro-japanese broadcasts to America, but he refused. Louis was in a prison camp in tokyo when American forces dropped the atomic bombs on Japan that led to surrender. Cut off from news, the prisoners knew almost nothing about the tide of the war until their guards informed them it was over. Louis was hospitalized and eventually sent home to torrance, to the delight of his family. His life became troubled, however. He married a young woman after knowing her for only two weeks.

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Unbroken, i tried to paint portraits not just din of individuals, but of their times). Unbroken: a world War ii story of Survival, resilience, and Redemption. Summary study guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains. Topics for Discussion and a, free quiz on, unbroken: a world War ii story of Survival, resilience, and Redemption by laura hillenbrand. Unbroken is the true story of louis Zamperini, a promising young Olympic runner from Torrance, california, who was called into service on a bomber crew in the pacific in World War. Zamperini's plane went down in the pacific Ocean and he and two other survivors drifted over 40 days living on rainwater and the occasional fish or bird they could catch.

unbroken book short summary

At each stage in his life, from adolescence to old age, zamperini is at risk of being lost and/or imprisoned favourite forever. As a child, his juvenile delinquency puts him at risk of being lost to the prison system. As a young man, wwii puts him at risk of losing his life in battle. After his plane crashes, hes at risk of being lost at sea forever. When he is captured and tortured by the japanese, hes physically imprisoned and at risk of becoming a forgotten pow, stripped of his dignity along with his life. After his liberation, hes at risk of being imprisoned by alcoholism and his twisted desires for revenge. In each instance, zamperini is redeemed in some way and overcomes these obstacles. Just as important to the story of louie zamperini is Hillenbrands exploration of the context of World War. You cant truly understand an individual unless you understand the world he or she inhabits, hillenbrand has stated.

this, hillenbrand painstakingly documented this biography to create an extensively factual account of Zamperinis life. According to hillenbrand, every event and situation described in her biography has been verified and corroborated by interviewing pows and airmen and studying statistics, squadron histories, diaries, prisoner affidavits, and other materials. Some passages in the book can read like dry recitations of data. Still, this book gives a realistic glimpse of every major phase of louie zamperinis life. The overarching theme of Hillenbrands biography is louie zamperinis ultimate physical and spiritual salvation.

During the next two years, louie endured physical and psychological torture at the hands of his captors. Finally liberated in 1945, louie returned to America, where he married—and struggled with alcoholism and untreated post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd). In 1949, through the ministry of reverend Billy Graham, louie became a christian and began a full recovery from his emotional wounds, which included finding the strength to forgive his captors. He spent the rest of his life leading a nonprofit organization that helped at-risk boys and also worked as an inspirational speaker. Written by: laura hillenbrand, type of Work: Nonfiction. Genre: biography, first Published: 2010, settings (primary torrance, california; wwiis Pacific Theatre; mainland Japan. Settings (secondary kwajalein pow camp; Ofuna interrogation center; Omori pow camp; naoetsu pow camp. Main Characters: louis louie zamperini, pete zamperini, russell Allen Phil Phillips, william Bill Harris, mutsuhiro vietnamese The bird Watanabe, cynthia (Applewhite) Zamperini.

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Bookmark this page, laura hillenbrands, unbroken tells the life story of louis louie zamperini, an Olympic runner and military aviator in summary World War ii (wwii). He survived being lost at sea and years of horrific abuse as a prisoner of war (POW) in Japan. The son of Italian immigrants, louie zamperini grew up in Torrance, california, where he overcame a delinquent childhood to become a rising star in track-and-field. After performing admirably in the 1936 Olympics in Germany, louie joined the Army air Corps of the United States and became a bombardier in wwii. While on a search and rescue mission in 1943, louies plane crashed into the pacific Ocean. Ultimately only louie and one other man survived more than a month lost at sea. They were captured by japanese troops and sent to pow camps in Japan.

Unbroken book short summary
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From the 1936 Olympics to wwii japan s most brutal pow camps, hillenbrand s heart-wrenching new book is thousands of miles and a world.

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  1. Chapters Summary and Analysis. Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. Question and Answer section for Unbroken is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

  2. Enotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Unbroken: a world War. The book follows louie s life from his birth and upbringing to his glorious. Unbroken: a world War ii story of Survival, resilience, and Redemption Summary study guide.

  3. Unbroken book summary chapter summaries of Unbroken novel. Summary and reviews of Unbroken by laura hillenbrand, plus links to a book excerpt from Unbroken and author biography of laura hillenbrand. Unbroken (2014) on imdb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. Unbroken is a narrative, non-fiction book that tells the life story of louie zamperini, an Italian American from Torrance, california.

  4. Unbroken covers five primary periods in the life of louis louie zamperini: p art I: louie s youth and young Adulthood in Torrance, california. Laura hillenbrand s Unbroken tells the life story of louis louie zamperi ni, an Olympic. Still, this book gives a realistic glimpse of every major phase of louie.

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