Unix administrator resume

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unix administrator resume

Resume : Unix /Linux systems administrator (eng)

  Scheduled training requirements for analysts and developed a proactive change control management plan for customers. Designed tools to proactively report system and database availability in highly available environments.   Created sql and PL/sql scripts to provide periodic reporting and database monitoring for internal and remote customers. Provided remote technical support to customers with environments based on employers unix and Windows Servers.   Supported Microsoft server components including sql server, Exchange and sms server, as well as the complete backoffice suite. Duties included installation and configuration support, technical problem resolution, hardware and software assistance, and networking support for customer environments and clients). Resume Embedded Linux Software Engineer (972) 200-9523, e-mail, download, resume http m linkedIn, embedded, software / device drivers / network protocols. Bs, electrical Engineering/Computer Option - louisiana tech University.

Resume - matt., unix

Consulting included designing backup solutions (using rman disaster recovery plans, and performance tuning advice for rac implementations. Design, implement and support Oracle advanced replication and Oracle streams to provide a replicated database environment to support internal dissertation hp business sites. 08/98 to 06/2000 Database Administrator /developer for - information Technology Engineer. Provide database and system management for multiple hp-ux/NT servers running Oracle.3/8/8i/9i, ranging in size from 200Gb up to 500Gb of data. Primary dba support for Pricing and Product databases, Enterprise directory service and multiple crm applications. Implementation and support of Oracle standby databases, and multimaster advanced replication in an environment consisting of over 40 separate database environments. Implementation and support of backup strategies, providing database consulting and engineering to development teams within company, creating custom sql scripts, database monitoring and backup scripts, database performance tuning, writing support and training documentation and investigating new database related technologies for use within company. Develop stored procedures, functions and business logic in PL/sql to support in-house database applications and websites. 06/94 to 08/98 Remote ha specialist/oracle dba. Provided remote technical consulting and dba support for employers ha customers. coordinated support plans for commercial customers with enhanced or premium support offerings.

Create and supervise change and configuration management processes for external trade customers. 06/2000 to 03/04 it engineer/ Senior Oracle kites dba - member of it consulting Staff. Provide database and system management for multiple hp-ux/NT servers running Oracle 9i rac and Oracle Advanced Replication, and several Oracle 8i databases ranging in size from 500Gb.5Tb. Installation, upgrades, migrations, performance tuning, backup and recovery, schema management, sql tuning, proactive monitoring and troubleshooting Oracle databases in a 7x24 environment. Primary dba support for primary e-commerce site, several related customer facing oltp and data warehouse systems. . Databases were responsible for single sign on and profile information to over 3000 internal websites. Provide engineering, implementation, strategy and support plans to development teams for database related issues, including designing ha and redundant database systems and implementing advanced Oracle options for mission critical environments. Designed, implemented and supported highly available rac clusters for companywide single sign on application, as well as other database solutions using advanced replication and standby (data guard) options. Provided Oracle rac consulting and engineering to internal organizations for planned implementations and migrations. .

unix administrator resume

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Lead engineering effort, implementation, tuning and support of Oracle 10g rac/Dataguard upgrades to Oracle 11g rac/Dataguard. Designed a proof of concept environment to facilitate functionality testing and features, built a pilot environment which mirrored production to do in depth testing for all customers, management and provided a detailed migration plan to migrate the current production cluster to the new environments. Lead engineering and implementation effort for migration of over 100 small to medium sized databases ( 2Tb) from hp pa-risc based machines to hp itanium and Linux based machines 03/04 to 09/04 Technology consultant - member of ha transformation team. Provide database architecture and consulting to external trade customer sites with Oracle, hp/ux and sap environments. Perform assessments on customer sites and report to management with recommendations on how to achieve a highly available production environment. . Design ha environments to be implemented within customer sites. Design, implement and support incident support system using Remedy.

Engineering, implementation and support for high availability solutions using Oracle data guard, real Application Clusters (rac oracle Streams, Oracle Advanced Replication and specific network storage and clustering solutions. Provide after hours 24x7 database support, engineering and consulting for trade customers.   Engineered, implemented and supported Oracle 9i sap environment (over 10Tb in size) to use Oracle dataguard on hp-ux for over 4 years. Successfully engineered, implemented,  documented and supported upgrade of the environment to Oracle 10g.   lead engineering effort, implemention and support a migration of an existing Oracle 10g rac (64cpu/128gb ram/60Tb asm disks on hp-ux) environment worth over 10M in annual revenue to the customer to two (128cpu/192gb ram/60b asm disks on hp-ux) environments. Engineering, implemented, documented and support builds of new clusters to use Oracle 10g/11g rac on hp-ux and Linux. . Including installing clusterware, asm (and shared disks) and creating new databases.

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unix administrator resume

Resume - matt., unix

Programming Languages: sql, pl/sql, perl, Shell scripting. Experience: 09/04 to essay Present it consultant / Senior Oracle dba db team. Provide Oracle and sql server database support and consulting to employers external trade customers. . Support includes routine dba tasks such as backup and recovery of full and partial databases using rman/NetBackup/DataProtector, performance tuning of sql and PL/sql code, system and database performance tuning of hp-ux multiprocessor shared database environments. Provide detailed architecture, consulting, engineering, implementation and support for database availability, backup and recovery, and performance tuning projects.

Provide system dba engineering, implementation and support for siebel Applications and sap using Oracle databases. Provide dba implementation and support for sap/Oracle migrations and upgrades, including environments using Oracle dataguard. Provide Oracle Application Server and Oracle apex implementation and support. Provide support for Oracle Enterprise manager Grid Control and Agents. Provide 3rd level support for Oracle rac, including applying patches, performance tuning, backup and recovery issues with rman/DataProtector, trace analysis, service creation, cluster and system management. Implementation and support of 10g and 11g migrations and upgrades from Oracle 9i and 10g databases, including rac (Real Application Clusters) databases on hp-ux and Linux.

Unmounting the file system to unmount (remove) the file system from your system, use the umount command by identifying the mount point or device. For example, to unmount cdrom, use the following command umount /dev/cdrom The mount command enables you to access your file systems, but on most modern Unix systems, the automount function makes this process invisible to the user and requires no intervention. User and Group"s The user and group"s provide the mechanisms by which the amount of space used by a single user or all users within a specific group can be limited to a value defined by the administrator. quot;s operate around two limits that allow the user to take some action if the amount of space or number of disk blocks start to exceed the administrator defined limits soft Limit If the user exceeds the limit defined, there is a grace period that. Hard Limit When the hard limit is reached, regardless of the grace period, no further files or blocks can be allocated.

There are a number of commands to administer"s. Command description 1" displays disk usage and limits for a user of group 2 e" This is a" editor. Users or Groups" can be edited using this command 3"check Scans a filesystem for disk usage, creates, checks and repairs" files 4 se" This is a command line" editor 5"on This announces to the system that disk"s should. Previous Page Print Next Page. Education:   georgia institute of Technology  Atlanta, georgia. Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science. Special skills qualifications: oracle certified Professional (8i/9i/10g microsoft Certified System Engineer, operating Systems: hp-ux 9/10/11/11i, hp mc serviceguard clusters, aix, solaris, linux and Windows   Software: Oracle 7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g, Oracle 9i/10g/11g rac, oracle data guard (standby db, both logical and physical Oracle Advanced Replication, Oracle Streams.

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The -h option makes the essay output easier to comprehend du -h /etc 5k /etc/cron. D 63k /etc/default 3k /etc/dfs. mounting the file system A file system must be mounted in order to be usable by the system. To see what is currently mounted (available for use) on your system, use the following command mount /dev/vzfs on / type reiserfs (rw,us", gr") proc on /proc type proc (rw, nodiratime) devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw) The /mnt directory, by the Unix convention,. If you need to mount a file system, you can use the mount command with the following syntax mount -t file_system_type device_to_mount directory_to_mount_to for example, if you want to mount a cd-rom to the directory /mnt/cdrom, you can type mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom This. Refer to the mount man page for more specific information or type mount -h at the command line for help information. After mounting, you can use the cd command to navigate the newly available file system through the mount point you just made.

unix administrator resume

The df -k output is generally the same on all Unix systems. Here's what it usually includes. Column description 1 Filesystem The physical file system name 2 kbytes Total kilobytes of space available on the storage medium 3 used wfbms Total kilobytes of space used (by files) 4 avail Total kilobytes available for use 5 capacity percentage of total space used by files. The du command The du (disk usage) command enables you to specify directories to show disk space usage on a particular directory. This command is helpful if you want to determine how much space a particular directory is taking. The following command displays number of blocks consumed by each directory. A single block may take either 512 Bytes or 1 Kilo byte depending on your system. Du /etc 10 /etc/cron. D 126 /etc/default 6 /etc/dfs.

3 /dev these are device drivers 4 /etc Supervisor directory commands, configuration files, disk configuration files, valid user lists, groups, ethernet, hosts, where to send critical messages 5 /lib Contains shared library files and sometimes other kernel-related files. Includes administrative commands, shared files, library files, and others 12 /var Typically contains variable-length files such as log and print files and any other type of file that may contain a variable amount of data 13 /sbin Contains binary (executable) files, usually for system administration. For example, fdisk and ifconfig utlities 14 /kernel Contains kernel files navigating the file system Now that you understand the basics of the file system, you can begin navigating to the files you need. The following commands are used to navigate the system. Command description 1 cat filename displays a filename 2 cd dirname moves you to the identified directory 3 cp file1 file2 Copies one file/directory to the specified location 4 file filename Identifies the file type (binary, text, etc) 5 find filename dir Finds a file/directory. The df Command The first way to manage your partition space is with the df (disk free) command. The command df -k (disk free) displays the disk space usage in kilobytes, as shown below df -k filesystem 1K-blocks Used available Use mounted on /dev/vzfs / /devices 0 0 0 0 /devices some of the directories, such as /devices, shows 0 in the kbytes. These are special (or virtual) file systems, and although they reside on the disk under by themselves they do not consume disk space.

It has a root directory ( / ) that contains other files and directories. Each file or directory is uniquely identified by its name, the directory in which it resides, and a unique identifier, typically called an inode. By convention, the root directory has an inode number of 2 and the lost plus;found directory has an inode number. Inode numbers 0 and 1 are not letter used. File inode numbers can be seen by specifying the -i option to ls command. There are no dependencies between one filesystem and another. The directories have specific purposes and generally hold the same types of information for easily locating files. Following are the directories that exist on the major versions of Unix.

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Advertisements, previous Page, next Page, a file system is a logical inventory collection of files on a partition or disk. A partition is a container for information and can span an entire hard drive if desired. Your hard drive can have various partitions which usually contain only one file system, such as one file system housing the /file system or another containing the /home file system. One file system per partition allows for the logical maintenance and management of differing file systems. Everything in Unix is considered to be a file, including physical devices such as dvd-roms, usb devices, and floppy drives. Directory Structure, unix uses a hierarchical file system structure, much like an upside-down tree, with root at the base of the file system and all other directories spreading from there. A unix filesystem is a collection of files and directories that has the following properties.

Unix administrator resume
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Free shipping on qualifying offers. A guide to the operating system covers manipulating and modifying user accounts, security, troubleshooting.

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  1. Troy is an analytical and results driven it consultant and Senior dba team leader with long term experience in engineering, implementing and supporting disaster recovery and high availability plans and solutions based on Oracle software on multiple platforms. This is site is dedicated to all Middleware Administrators. When it comes to weblogic, apache, unix, weblogic server, unix server, middleware, weblogic admin, weblogic administration, middleware admin, weblogic admin tips, websphere, webserver, weblogic interview questions, challenges etc., weblogicadminsite covers all of them. Unix hints and Hacks, kirk waingrow.

  2. Banner prints characters in a sort of ascii art poster, for example to print wait in big letters. I will type banner wait at unix command line or in my script. A highly motivated and seasoned technology professional with a proven track record, bill is a make your headache go away type of person that initiates, owns, and follows through.

  3. Unix in simple and easy steps : A beginner's tutorial containing complete knowledge of Getting Started, Unix, korn and bourne Shell and Programming, file permission / Access Modes, Environment, Utilities, pipes and Filters, network communication Utilities, file system, directories. Software manager Resume Example for professional with experience as software developer, softwar engineer and project manager. Ibs provides experienced, talented it consultants to staff your projects. We find the ideal match to get your job done.

  4. A retired adjunct professor emeritus, he has authored five of the officially authorized Oracle Press books, more than 30 books on Oracle database management, plus hundreds of articles in national magazines, and he is a popular lecturer. Location: Austin, texas Duration: June 2008 to september 2013 Title: Senior Software Engineer @ Linux Technology center Customer Architect and team leader for the Embedded Linux organization. Computer Programmer Resume Example for an it industry professional with experience in programming and computer software development. Unix / Linux File system Basics - learning fundamentals.

  5. Resume of robert w, blythe (972) 200-9523. Embedded software / device drivers / network protocols. Don Burleson is one of the worlds leading Oracle experts, working as a full-time dba since 1983.

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